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4 Top Tips for Building a Team of Freelancers

Since remote work has become the new norm, more and more business owners are considering hiring freelancers versus permanent employees. Freelancers are self-employed workers, which means that business owners are not required to pay benefits, insurance, or payroll taxes for them. Hiring freelancers can also enable business owners to develop a diverse, flexible, and high-performing team of workers.

Building the right team of freelancers, however, can be tricky. To help you with this process, Ivan Lilov shares four tips for building the best team.

1. Form an Official Business

If you haven't done so yet, form an official business entity, such as a limited liability company (LLC), prior to hiring freelancers. While it’s important to assess your company’s specific needs, there are a variety of benefits to forming an LLC as a business owner when working with freelancers, such as limited personal liability, tax advantages, minimal paperwork, and greater flexibility over how to manage your business.

Since each state has its own set of regulations when it comes to forming an LLC, check with your state’s business registration office for more information. If you’re looking for a way to avoid hefty legal fees for setting up an LLC, consider using an online formation service to process your LLC application for you.

2. Select the Right Freelancers

One of the fastest ways to find high-quality freelancers is to use online job boards, such as Guru and Upwork. These sites will give you access to millions of freelancers around the world as well as provide a glimpse into their online portfolio and reviews from former clients. When looking for freelancers in the Dominican Republic, be sure to filter your results.

3. Choose a Project Management Platform

You will also need to select an effective project management platform that enables you to distribute and track work to your freelancers. Additionally, you should have a process in place for sharing and editing documents. For example, it’s likely that you and your team will need to convert PDF files to a Word document that can be edited. A free online converter, such as Adobe Acrobat, can provide this service. In fact, Adobe Acrobat allows you to convert any PDF file without losing any formatting properties. It’s as easy as uploading, converting, and downloading.

4. Develop a Reliable Payment Process

To keep your freelancers happy and productive, it’s important to have a reliable payment process in place. While paying international freelancers through standard payment platforms or wire transfers can be quite expensive, there are alternative options available.

For example, the platform Remitly offers low-cost money transfer services. With this payment processing service, you can send money to workers at zero cost to the recipient.

Start Building Your Team of Freelancers Today

Hiring freelancers can be a great option for many business owners. The trick is to have your business structure in place and tools for managing projects, payments, and communication ready to go before you start hiring.