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5 questions for a business seller to ask a potential buyer

Selling a business is not an easy task to do. It includes a lot of steps. From making the initial decision to sell, valuation, up to closing the deal. Furthermore, selling a business can happen without planning, as well – even if you haven’t put it on the market yet. Either way, choosing the most suitable buyer can be a bit tricky. You need to know that you are dealing with a trustworthy person who can handle the buying process and communicate well through the procedure. Therefore, you need to learn about the 5 questions for a business seller to ask a potential buyer so you know you are sharing the table with the right person.


Figure 1 Even though there are some commonly asked questions in business purchases, you should ask the most important ones alt.tag: the 5 questions for a business seller to ask a potential buyer

Why you need 5 questions for a business seller to ask a potential buyer?

Selling a business is not like simply selling something in a shop. It requires you to be involved and think about a lot of details. The business world is filled with aspiring business buyers. However, a small number of them will actually be a business owner – due to the lack of knowledge, time, experience, and courage. So, you need to be very precise when selecting the potential business buyers, for a couple of reasons. First, its safety. Dealing with many potential buyers could mean sharing

the company’s valuable information. Next, it’s wasting your precious time. Time is money, so be sure to spend it on the people who will actually bring you money. That’s why we prepared 5 questions for a business seller to ask a potential buyer so the selection process is much easier.


Figure 2 There are the 5 questions for a business seller to ask a potential buyer that can help you chose the best option when selling a business alt.tag: chalk question mark on black background

Question one: What’s the type and size of business that you need?

When selecting a potential buyer, you need to make sure that you are dealing with someone who actually wants a business like yours. Therefore, try to find out what kind of business they are looking for, and if your business falls under that category. Furthermore, the size of a business is also an important factor – so investigate the selling price, profits, and employee number your potential buyer expects.

Question two: How long you have been looking for the perfect business?

 This question will serve as an excellent way to avoid wasting your time with “wannabe business owners”. As we’ve already mentioned, there are many aspiring entrepreneurs, but somehow, they’ve never had the courage (or money) to make the right move. If a buyer has been browsing businesses for too long – they will probably waste your time, too.

Question three: Are you familiar with the industry?

Selecting someone that knows details about the industry of your business is making the selling process much easier and smoother. If you are dealing with someone who doesn’t know what they are doing – you may need to spend some more time and money on additional educations. Furthermore, it often happens that on the brink of closing the deal, the buyer realizes that they don’t have the knowledge or skill to commit to the new business, and they give up. Again, you’ve wasted your time and you are left at the beginning of the selling process – one more time. Therefore, you need to make sure that the buyer understands the industry and have the skills to engage with all aspects of the business.

Question four: Do you have a time frame?

Every serious business purchase needs to be put in some kind of a time frame. If the buyers are too relaxed about it, you’ll end up waiting for them after you’ve given them all the necessary important information. Therefore, one of the 5 questions for a business seller to ask a potential buyer should definitely be about how soon they are willing to make the purchase. This will help you avoid making one of the common seller mistakes.

Question five: Do you have the assets to make the purchase?

Probably one of the most difficult, but at the same time the most important questions for a business seller to ask a potential buyer. You need to be sure that they have enough money to make the deal, so you can talk about selling the business in the first place. You’ll be surprised to know that many potential buyers are not actually aware of their financial situation. Therefore, you need to look for proof. This is a confirmation of their accountant or financial institution that they can get enough funds required for the business purchase. If a buyer is serious about buying a business – they won’t have a problem with it. On the contrary, if it takes too long for them to show you that information – you’ are probably wasting your time with that buyer.


Figure 3 After you've asked the 5 questions for a business seller to ask a potential buyer, you should know who is the perfect buyer alt.tag: a handshake


After selling the business…

Selling a business often involves the relocation of your home or offices. After closing a deal, be sure to plan your move to every detail – so you can move fast and easy. Also, when moving long distance in FL, be sure to hire professionals to deal with all your items. This way, you’ll know that your home and offices are in good hands, and that experienced professionals will move everything in no time. This guarantee you minimum downtime of your company and more time for you to dedicate to new business ventures. Careful planning and letting the right people do the work will let you focus on the important business details.


It’s very important to dedicate your attention to finding a good buyer for your business. It is necessary so you can be sure you’ve shared your company’s valuable information with someone you can trust. Also, wasting time when selling a business is not an option. That’s why you need to be sure to remember the 5 questions for a business seller to ask a potential buyer so you can be sure you’ve made the right choice.