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Art and Design

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“An Archaeology of Silence” opens in San Francisco, after a string of police killings of Black men. Along with powerful art, it offers a respite room to those needing a break.

3/16/2023 7:55:08 AM

The Oglala Sioux Tribe recently secured the return of cultural objects kept for over a century in a tiny Massachusetts museum. Now it is seeking consensus on their final resting place.

3/16/2023 4:00:28 AM

George Lucas’s billion-dollar museum, which has faced delays, is finally coming into focus in Los Angeles. Officials say it should be fully operational by 2025.

3/15/2023 11:46:02 AM

Facing a giant budget deficit, Mayor Eric Adams proposed cuts to New York libraries. But they play an outsize role in the city, offering services and safety.

3/13/2023 12:06:28 PM

Six works in a Lewis-Clark exhibition about health care were perceived to run afoul of a law that prohibits the use of state funds to “promote abortion” or “counsel in favor of abortion.”

3/13/2023 5:23:58 PM

In the face of declining enrollment, Valparaiso University in Indiana wants to raise money to renovate two dormitories by selling treasures from its art museum. Not everyone is on board.

3/10/2023 1:26:35 PM

Nancy Yao will lead the museum as it prepares to select an architect and finalize a location on the National Mall.

3/13/2023 9:00:06 AM

After 20 years, Adam D. Weinberg will step down as leader in the fall. Scott Rothkopf, his deputy, will succeed him.

3/8/2023 9:37:40 PM

Tommy Kha’s portraits blend his Asian heritage with the mythology of the South.

3/8/2023 10:06:09 AM

New York’s annual festival of Asian art has returned to full strength. Our critic selects seven of the most eye-catching works to anchor your itinerary.

3/16/2023 8:58:34 AM