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 Free online Report showing Businesses like yours that are currently for sale and how much they have sold for!

No Cost No Obligation (no kidding!)

Comparative Market Analysis for your Business

What is in the report?


Many Business owners in Florida might be thinking, "is this the right time to Sell My Business?" They will ask us, "How much is my business worth?" "How much money can I expect to get for my the sale of my business?” The most honest answer is, "as much as the business for sale market will bear" or "as much as a buyer is willing to pay". If either one of those statements is true, then the first logical step would be to take a look at the market. To actually compare your business to others that are for sale as well as those that have recently sold. Here is an opportunity to see what other businesses like yours are selling for and how much they have sold for. The report includes select Businesses from our Data Base of over 10,000 Sold Businesses that are similar to yours in Business Type, Gross Sales and Owner Benefit. We also include businesses that are currently listed for sale so you can see the asking price of other businesses like yours.  

  • Use this free report to see what businesses like yours are selling for.
  • Use this information to decide if you really want to sell your business.
  • See how recent sales compare to your business or the business you are considering buying.


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