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Should You Head to the East or West Coast to Launch Your Business?


Get ready to lunch your business as soon as you choose the perfect location to place it in.


So many of us are looking to be our own boss. Why would you run along and make money for somebody else when you can be your own boss and line your own pockets? Of course, one of the best options to get this accomplished is by deciding to launch your business. However, that is easier said than done. If you decide to bet on yourself instead of working for somebody else, you will have a lot on your plate. One of the main decisions that you must make is where your startup will be located – should you head to the East or West Coast to launch your business? Let’s see what the ideal locations for putting down your business roots are.

Where should you launch your business? West Coast vs. East Coast

The battle of the coasts seems to be never-ending in so many different aspects. Thus, it is no surprise that it is no different when it comes to business. Even established companies and entrepreneurs often contemplate if they should transfer to the opposite coast. From a business perspective, each coast has something unique to offer. It is not uncommon to hear that companies are willing to make the transition in pursuit of better business opportunities.

Business perspective from the East Coast

There are many positive aspects that the East brings to the table. Here are a few things to look forward to if you decide to launch your business in one of the business meccas on the East Coast.

Money is the number one business motivator in the east. Make sure you factor this into your decision making.


Northeast is where it is at

For investors and business owners, the northeastern part of this coast seems to be taking the lead over its south side. Cities like Boston or New York in particular take the charge. There are many potential partners and investors located in this area. They are all ready for the next big thing. Make sure that you are it. But, before you dive into this adventure head-first, you should know one very important aspect. Doing business in this region is all about the bottom line. Therefore, when doing your pitch, this is how you can get them hooked on your proposal or idea.

Home of many IT centers

If you are looking to launch your IT business, getting an office space on the East Coast might be a great option. The East Coast is the home of multiple dominant biotech and technology companies. For those that have developed an idea for a startup in this type of market, New York, Washington, and Boston are the places to be.

Looking for a place to accommodate your IT offices? Any major city on the East Coast would be a great choice.


Best candidates at your disposal

Take your pick! There are countless prestigious universities on the East Coast. Hence, you will have some of the brightest young minds to choose from when it comes to employment. When aiming to launch your business you mustn’t forget about employment opportunities. Having an idea and money for investing is one thing. Still, if there isn’t somebody to drive that idea with you, it is likely that everything will crash and burn before it even gets off the ground.

Business perspective from the West Coast

Not that long ago, the West Coast started being attractive to new investors and startups. Young people with new money are starting to nest on this coast with dreams of making it big in the business world.

Number one motivators are power and ambition

Unlike the East Coast, the West Coast’s business contributors have one thing on their minds. Absolute domination in their filed. Surely, they are working to get a hefty profit as well, while they are at it. However, it is not their number one imperative.

Home of many potential investors

This might sound like a perfect scenario when looking to launch your business. Nevertheless, that might not be the case. Many investors equal many opportunities. Still, it also means that it is that much harder to find the right match. Luck can be a big factor in this type of scenario. The pairing off with the right partner is key when developing a business from the ground up. In the end, it is all about having connections and knowing people.

Every major city has potential backers

When choosing a Coast for your new business, don’t neglect to focus on the industry you are trying to penetrate. You can even narrow down the choice to a specific city, not just to a particular coast. For instance, for those that are looking to launch a business in the healthcare arena, Florida is a great choice. To be more specific, moving to Tampa Bay might be a business bullseye. Since it is the home to many healthcare companies, it is likely that your business will start off on the right foot.


Next to LA, San Francisco is one of the best cities on the West Coast for launching a brand-new business.

Once you decide, it is time to make the move

Commercial moving might be the most difficult move you can go through. It doesn’t matter if you are moving a startup or an already established business. Either way, this type of move is a major challenge. However, this problem can be easily solved. All you need to do is hire professional movers. Make sure that whomever you hire has experience in commercial relocation. Moving an office or any other workspace is much more challenging than any other move. To kick off your search for commercial moving companies contact Cross Country Moving Group.

 Making the final choice

Where you will ultimately launch your business must be your decision. It depends on the type of business you want to start and what you want to accomplish. It is certain that the West Coast is ready to grow and reach its full potential, while there is much more experience and drive to make a hefty profit on the East Coast. So, what is your business purpose? Whatever it may be make sure you weigh your pros and cons carefully before the final verdict comes in. This decision can make or break your future success, so don't take it lightly.