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Warehouse Space In Short Supply; Make The Most Of Yours


If Amazon’s 333 million square feet of warehousing and fulfillment space isn’t indication enough, know this: Online shopping is at an all-time high, and storage and staging areas are in woefully short supply. Coupled with waning industrial construction, high demand has made warehouse space a hot commodity. In the coming months and years, it may be necessary to optimize yours as you compete with larger corporations for the limited real estate available.


But how?


Making the most of your warehouse space is a multi-step project. A few things you can do are to:


  • Utilize a warehousing and fulfillment logistics service.
  • Automate your existing space.
  • Optimize space and staff.


While the following guide offers great advice, don’t underestimate the power of working one-on-one with business broker Ivan Lilov. Contact Ivan today to get started on your path to success!


Fulfillment Services


If you simply do not have space available and buying is not an option, leasing space from an existing warehouse is a viable solution. When shopping for a distribution and fulfillment service, make sure they are approved, certified and secure. Remember, this company will be considered one of your vendors, and you want to ensure that their safety and security measures align with your own.


Warehouse Automation


Warehouse automation can augment your human workforce and eliminate tedious tasks. In doing so, you give your associates back valuable time to complete human-oriented projects. Contrary to popular belief, robots, such as those that pick and pack products, are not a replacement for human workers. Rather, implementing automation tools and software will enhance your overall operations.


One of the greatest benefits of warehouse automation is that machines are both accurate and long-lasting. They never fatigue and, with regular service and maintenance, will be a part of your warehouse for many years. Utilizing electronics reduces worker strain and can lead to fewer workplace injuries. This can boost your overall employee satisfaction, meaning, as Villanova University notes, they will work that much harder for you, which  will improve your bottom line.


Optimization of Space and Staff


An automated warehouse is still not an efficient warehouse unless it is properly organized. Toyota Material Handling explains that an organized space is more efficient and safe. It will also improve customer satisfaction by reducing mishandled orders and speeding up shipping times.


Evaluate your floorspace and plan to store products in an efficient pattern. You may also want to invest in additional shelving to maximize a vertical rise. Remember, not everything has to sit low to the ground. Spend time inventorying your current stock, and then sort and label everything. You may be surprised to find that you are ordering materials and merchandise you already have.


Don’t overlook the value in optimizing scheduling as well. Addressing overlaps and gaps in schedules and duties ensures that you’re making the most of your manpower. Consider getting organized with job scheduling by adding high-powered software to your toolkit. Apps like QuickBooks Time allow you to keep track of who is doing what and when via GPS tracking for mobile teams. It also affords time tracking against scheduled time so you ensure you’re planning properly. By keeping on top of how you’re scheduling your workers, you can ensure top efficiency.  


This is certainly not a comprehensive guide to maximizing your warehouse. But the above tips are a great start, and they can help you best identify areas where your operation is lacking. Until additional space is available, outsourcing your warehousing and fulfillment services is a smart choice. When you do have room or are not close enough to a logistics service, you have to get serious about how you operate. Automation and reorganization are essential, and these steps can put you in a better position to grow along with consumer spending.



Business broker Ivan Lilov knows that the relationship between a business buyer or seller and their agent is based on trust, shared goals and understanding. Reach out today! 813-215-6801