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Where to find all the good candidates

If you are a manager or a recruiter for a company, you need to know and understand every segment of recruitment. That is, of course, if you want to be successful. But who doesn't? The costs of bad hiring can be immense. Not only when considering time and money that went into searching and finding a suitable candidate, but one bad employee in the team can bring the morale way down. And no one wants that to happen. This is why the cross-country recruit hunt has become a thing. Ideal candidates are rarely found in close proximity to the firm, so recruiters have to go cross-country to find the right one.

This article should help you to know what to look for in your next hire, as well as how to recognize quality employees when you see them. When you learn everything that you need to learn, you'll feel confident and capable in your next recruit hunt.

Where to find all the good candidates

There are many ways to find your candidates, and many of them are okay. However, there are some tried-and-true methods for finding the perfect applicants. Pretty much all of them fall into these categories.

  • General job boards - You definitely know about sites like LinkedIn, Monster, or Glassdoor, and they do get a lot of traffic. On the other hand, be careful with these as you can get an exceptional amount of unqualified applications.
  • Specific job boards - For almost every industry, there is a site for posting specialist job ads. If you need a specialist, this is a great way to shorten your cross-country recruit hunt.
  • Referrals from current employees - Gather the members of your staff and get their recommendations. This is a great and simple way to get new applicants.
  • Your own network - You have surely developed a list of contacts with a lot of good leads throughout your career. It's always a smart idea to use it, especially when you're hiring for a manager.
  • Recruitment firms - Using this kind of help is always a good idea. If you are encountering serious difficulties with finding the perfect candidates, staffing firms can be really helpful.

You can find young professionals in many ways, but some are better than others.Alttag: Young man writing on paper.

The cross-country recruit hunt - Recruiting 101

Now, recruiting might seem like a simple process, but it really isn't. Sometimes it can get overly complicated in no time and even compare with the complications of buying a business. There are many variables that are specific and unique to each and every situation, and this makes it even harder for a recruiter.

There are some types of employees, like the ones that are highly skilled and with a lot of experience, who are always in demand. It doesn't matter how good the economic climate is, you always need experienced professionals. This is why unemployment rates for positions like this are much lower than for the others. And this is also the reason why top candidates are really hard to find and keep, as they usually get multiple job offers anytime they get to the market.

So if you want to perform a successful cross-country recruit hunt, you'll need much more than a simple LinkedIn job posting. This means that finding and hiring an ideal candidate for your company will require a lot of preparation. You will also need to clearly understand your hiring objectives and to stay focused during the execution. If you're new in the game of recruiting or you haven't done this for a while, things can quickly get even harder as the recruitment process has changed a lot during the past decade.

However, there are things that you can do to help you find the perfect additions for your team.

The cross-country recruit hunt will lead you to the number of candidates, but picking the right one is a different story. Alttag: Man picked from the crowd after the cross-country recruit hunt.

Consider your needs and be honest with yourself

You need to start thinking about the big picture of your business needs as soon as possible. This will help you create a good hiring strategy that is quite essential. Decide if you're looking for a full-time, part-time or a temporary worker. Try to address your hiring needs as well as you can. You wouldn't like to plan on moving your household or business to another state if nothing's guaranteed, right? It's the same with all the other professionals. They need to know what you're offering.

Promote the opening

You will need to post the job on pretty much every platform that you know. This means employment websites, your own company's website, and anything else you can find. You should even put it on the news if you can. Also, do not forget about advertising the position internally. The culture of loyalty is based on opportunities for advancement, and there's no secret in that.

The cross-country recruitment hunt - Judging by the same standards is a must

Determining which candidates to interview is a completely different thing from deciding which one to hire. On the other hand, it is extremely important to have the same criteria and to make a strategy to evaluate all the candidates equally. Hold the same set of standards for all applicants, and eliminate ones that don't fulfill them all.

Conduct interviews with the best candidates

The job interview is the most important and the most revealing part of the hiring process. However, it is also the trickiest by far. You don't have the luxury of making an interview not countable. Make a list of thoughtful, standardized questions and use them with all the candidates. This way you'll be able to compare them properly. Remember your due diligence when talking to these people. Also, try to be adaptive and interview each and every selected candidate with the same intensity and seriousness.

Don't wait a long time to hire

People looking for a job, especially talented professionals, are very prone to losing interest in a job or accepting another job offer if the hiring process takes too long. It's not easy to strike the right amount of time. If you hurry you can end up with a bad hire. On the other hand, if you move too slow you can miss a good employee, and that's a tragedy for itself.

Don't wait too long when hiring, as the candidate can lose interest. Alttag: Handshake.

Make the offer

The last stage of your cross-country recruit hunt is making the offer. After all the interviews, you'll know who are your top candidates. Be sure to check their job references and credentials. Also, before proposing an offer, set a salary range so you can negotiate if it comes to that.