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How I can sell my business for the most amount of money at the shortest amount of time


People sell their businesses for different reasons. Some sell their businesses because they are relocating, some sell their business because they are retiring, some sell their businesses because of an health issue and some sell their businesses because they can not manage it it is getting too big.Selling a business is the most important financial transaction in an owner's life. That's why it has to be a well thought out event. It can also be intimidating and scary. That's why you need experts to talk to and be confident that your are doing it right and not leaving money or liability on the table. You need a experienced business broker or M&A Advisor to consult you and to help navigate the transaction through the process.

Plan and Organize  Put your financials on track, fix/clean equipment, clean inventory, talk to a tax professional regarding tax exposure in a certain deal

Retain Experienced Business Broker or M&A Advisor in an middle market deal it is critical to retain a Business Broker or M&A Advisor not Realtor or Commercial real estate broker. Meet and discuss objectives,market and buyer expectations

Complete Valuation The only way to know how much exactly your business for sale is worth is to do an independent third party business valuation. This will help you later on when you need to convince the buyer how much your business for sale is worth! Money well spent. Don't be cheap it will pay off.

Create Business for Sale Profile The retained Business Broker or M&A Advisor will help you create a business profile and growth opportunities

Market and Advertise the Business for Sale That's where you use the Business Broker or M&A Adviser to do it for you. He knows best the advertising channels of businesses for sale and  how to sell your business.

Talk to Buyers The Business Broker or M&A advisor will screen,interview and identify buyers, and arrange meetings with the seller of the business.The Business Broker or M&A Advisor will have them sign a confidentiality agreements meaning that the seller business for sale profile and proprietary business information shall remain a secret.

Offers to purchase The experienced Business Broker or M&A Advisor will obtain offers to purchase the business agreements, help with the negotiations.

Help Buyer obtaining financing The Business Broker or M&A Advisr will help the buyer obtain financing through many network sources the Broker has.

Due Diligence The experienced business broker and M&A Advisor will help with responding to due diligence requests,help resolve any issues and remove contingencies.

Closing The owner of the business signs documents, the closing attorney transfers funds and the closing is done. The owner needs to tell the employees and transition management to the new Owner



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